Mesh Banners

Chicago Mesh Banners PrintingMesh banners are great for large outdoor banners. Mesh banners are the right banner material to pick if you want to hang a banner outside, on a fence, poles, or buildings.   

Using large images, large format banners are designed to get your products and your message noticed.

  • Mesh banners include metal grommet holes for stress free hanging.
  • Banners are hemmed/stitched on all edges to fight unraveling.
  • Mesh banners are offered in any size.

Mesh banners work better outdoors than regular vinyl banners. They’re made of a special weatherproof scrim vinyl that is woven lightly, so wind can flow through them. This increases the life of the banner, particularly if it’s windy or the mesh banner is very big. And we all know how windy Chicago is.

Having bright colors and large images, large format banners are intended to get your products and your message noticed. All of our banners are printed with digital printers using UV resistant inks. There are no added fees for full color printing, so you can be as artistic with colors and graphics as you need to.

Large Format Banners and Backdrops of All Types

Backdrops and stage banners

Building Wraps

Festival banners

Concert/Band Banners

Fence Mesh Banners

Our most common finishes include:

Pole Pockets Top & Bottom

Standard Pole Pocket Finishing

Bonded Edges

Hems & Grommets

Our most common large format mesh vinyls are:

8oz 60/40 | 8oz 70/30 | 8oz 80/20

Mesh Pricing Is As Follows

  5x10 ft: $250           5x20 ft: $400          5x30 ft: $450         5x40 ft: $600          5x50 ft: $750

  6x10 ft: $300           6x20 ft: $480          6x30 ft: $540         6x40 ft: $720          6x50 ft: $900

  7x10 ft: $350           7x20 ft: $560          7x30 ft: $630         7x40 ft: $840          7x50 ft: $1050

  8x10 ft: $400           8x20 ft: $640          8x30 ft: $720         8x40 ft: $960          8x50 ft: $1200

10x10 ft: $500         10x20 ft: $800        10x30 ft: $900       10x40 ft: $1200      10x50 ft: $1350

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