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Vinyl banners are an inexpensive and efficient way to get any message across. At Chicago Signs & Printing we use only the highest quality vinyl and ink. We always include hemmed edges and metal grommets with every order. With plenty of additional finishing options, our vinyl banners are durable, weather resistant and will last for years without tearing or fading.  Several turnaround times are available depending on how fast you need your banner as well. Here is all you need to know about Chicago Signs and Printing banner printing service.

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FAQ: about Chicago banner printing.

When it comes to vinyl banner printing, we consider all jobs custom. Of course we offer all standard vinyl banner sizes, and virtually every other dimension as well. Give us a call for an estimate when you are ready. Here is all the information you need with considering ordering your banner at Signs and Printing.

How Large can we print vinyl banners?

Our largest single panel banner is 16 feet wide, however we do not have any specific size restrictions on our banner prints. If the banner is even larger than 16 feet wide we weld the pieces together. We always print our banners to the solid 1” measurement (no fractional inches). If you wanted to talk billboard printing, we can do that! If you need a banner for the junior baseball team, we’re here to help as well!

What weights of vinyl banner material do we carry?

Our standard weight of banner material is 13 ounces. To understand banner weight, the ounce measurement = the weight of one square yard of material. We usually select the material weight based on the end use of the banner.  We carry the following weights of banner material at all times:

  • 13 ounce banner material - for everyday use. This is the most economical choice for general use banners.
  • 15 ounce banner material - when you need added durability for harsh installation conditions.
  • 18 ounce banner material (blockout) - This is our most rugged banner material that we sell. This material is 100% opaque as well, which is why it’s sometimes called blockout. This is the default material weight for light post banner kits.

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What types of finishing options do we offer with banner printing?

We have the options. Understanding that there is no single way to install a benner, we have the finishing options for your custom vinyl banner that will easily match your installation requirements. From pole pocket to reinforced edges, wind slits and webbing, look over the following banner finishing options below.

Standard Vinyl Banner Finishing

Hem and Grommet, this is the standard finish for our banners. Unless otherwise specified, we will always sew the edges and add metal grommets every 24” around the edges of your vinyl banner. We do not charge extra for grommets, unless you want to add additional grommets to your banner. 

Upgrade Your  Banner Finishing

Our additional vinyl banner finishing options are not limited to, but include the following:

  • Pole Pockets - You can request 2”, 3’, or 4” pole pockets to any banner. These pole pockets are used for inserting a pole or pipe into the banner for suspension from a ceiling.
  • Webbing / Reinforced Edges - This is for extra edge durability. We recommend this upgrade for stressful banner installation areas.
  • Wind Slits - The half moon slits which you would recognise. This is done for windy areas where the banner would not be otherwise safe to hang.
  • Reinforced Corners - If you request reinforced corners, we sew in additional banner material into the corners of the banner to add extra durability to the four corners of the banner.
  • D-Rings - Can be ordered with you add webbing to your banner. This is a much more heavy duty hanging options for banners. The D ring is a steel ring which is connected by the webbing.
  • Rope Sewn In - Just in case you wanted to tie your banner to a tree or in an unusual location, we can add in rope to your banner so that you have something to tie it down with. Rope comes in 3/16th inch thickness, and 5/16th inch.

What is our turnaround time for vinyl banner printing?

Signs and Printing offers several TOT (turnaround times) for vinyl banners. We have the standard non-rush time to the super rushed timefrome. Here are our list of speed options.

Standard Turnaround time - Not in a hurry

Our standard turnaround time for vinyl banners is 5 business days. If you order on Monday, your banner will be delivered by the following Monday or earlier. This applies to all banner orders except for commercial sized orders.

48 Hour Rush Turnaround

Need your banner within two days? This is one of our standard rush options for banner printing, chicago. Order any day of the week and request the 48 hour turnaround and we will have your banner delivered to you in that timeframe. Weekends excluded

Next Day Service Banner Printing

Next day service is available Monday through Friday if you can place your order by 1:00PM. After 1:00PM, next day service is not available. Please call now if you need your banner tomorrow!

Same Day Service - Unavailable

Same day service is not currently available. Due to the nature of how we conduct our business, we do not have a way to deliver banners on the same day that they are ordered.

Local Pickup Not Available

Signs and Printing is a virtual company, meaning all of our work is completed over the internet. We do not offer local pickup for any of our products as we deliver 100% of our products directly.
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