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Whether you're looking to increase brand awareness, make a statement, or create beautiful backdrops, mesh banners are a great way get noticed by the public. Outdoor mesh banners are extremely durable, and will last for years under nearly any weather conditions. We use high quality, lightly woven, scrim vinyl material which allows for air to pass through easily. This is the ideal product for outdoor use in the "Windy City". Our custom mesh banners are made with only the best materials and inks.

We have all of the options for Mesh Banner Printing, Chicago

At Signs and Printing, we offer several types of finishing options, unlimited size options and flexible turnaround times. Reach out and let us know the parameters of your project. We have the ability to satisfy the most demanding of project requirements. Here are some quick facts about our mesh banner printing services:

How Large can we print mesh banners?

Our standard mesh banner material width is 10' wide (120"). The maximum length of a single print can be 145' long. If your mesh banner needs to be truly massive, we can weld the pieces together, making a supremely over sized mesh banner. If you need a banner which is 60' x 100' - we would be seaming the 10' panels together to create the over sized banner. If you needed you mesh banner to be double sided, we can print those up to 9.5' wide. Welding pieces together is not available for double sided mesh banners. 

What Material do we use for our Mesh Banners?

Our standard material that we use for mesh banner printing is a 9 ounce, 70/30 vinyl mesh material. What does that mean? It means: one square yard of material weighs 9 ounces, and 30% of the material is missing (the holes in the material) 70% of the material is printable area. 

What Types of Finishing options do we offer for Mesh Banners? 

Chicago Vinyl Banner Finishes two
  • Standard Finishing: Our standard finishing includes hemmed edges with grommets placed every 24" around the edges of the banner. You may ask for more or less grommets if your project requires it. 
  • Pole Pockets: request pole pockets whenever you need. We can add them on a single side, or on two sides. Use this option for suspending your banner with a pole.
  • Reinforced Corners: When you need some added durability for extreme hanging circumstances, request reinforced corners. This is an options upgrade.
  • Webbing (reinforced edges): Although mesh banners are made specifically for outdoor use, we frequently suggest reinforced edges. Known as "Webbing" we sew additional material into the edges of the banner to make them extra durable against high winds.
  • Velcro: We can sew velcro onto the back of your mesh banner for special hanging circumstances. This is an easy way to apply the loop and hook to most surfaces and you can just adhere the banner straight to the surface.
  • Rope Sewn In: Certain types of hanging situations may require rope to be sewn into the top and bottom of the edges of your banner. We offer two sizes of rope (3/16" and 5/16") for suspension between trees etc.

What is our Turnaround Time for Mesh Banner?

  • Our standard turnaround time for Mesh Banner is 5 business days. This is the casual turnaround time for those who are ordering well in advance of their needed deadline. 
  • 48 Hour Turnaround: Order your banner by the close of each business day, and you will receive your print in two business days from the date that you ordered your banner. Saturday Deliver is available as well.
  • Next Day Service: Next Day Service is available each morning until 12:00 PM. Order your next day rush banner by 12:00 pm to receive your banner by the next morning!
Mesh Printed Products include:
Chicago Mesh Building Wrap web

Chicago Mesh Building Wraps

Are you looking for a way to get your message to consumers? Our premium full color mesh building wraps will give everyone in Chicago a chance to see what you have to say LOUD & CLEAR! Mesh Building Wraps are perfect for promoting a brand, service, event, or spreading awareness for a cause. Turn unused building real estate into an advertising landscape with Chicago Mesh Banner Printing building wraps.

 chicago mesh banner printing 2  

Chicago Mesh Fence Covers / Fence Wraps

Turn an ugly chain link fence into a colorful work of art with Chicago Signs and Printing mesh fence covers. Place ads, text, or art to set the mood while providing privacy. Try our 80/20 film ratio to maximize visibility blockage and reduce wind. Great for construction sites or festivals. Mesh fence banners are the perfect accessory for Chicago's varying weather conditions. We provide custom sized outdoor mesh to match any fence size.

 Mesh Stage Backdrop Chicago200px  

Chicago Mesh Stage Banner Backdrops

Set the mood with the perfect stage backdrop. Our custom mesh banners come in all shapes and sizes with detailed color imaging. Our products are nearly weatherproof and will hold strong no matter how long the event. If you're worried about sound distortion, try a lower film ratio to reduce sound distortion and enhance the sound experience. Chicago Banner Printing specializes in printing outdoor mesh banners for festivals, concerts, conferences and stadiums of all types.

Of course, these are not the only options available. Other products include stadium section covers, windscreens, barricade covers, I-Beam covers and much more. If you have a special request or any question at all, do not hesitate to call. We will be happy to help.

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